What we do

We want to make your company look good…That’s what we do in a nutshell. We make the process of producing stills and or video as simple as possible, whilst generating great content for your consumer. We’re not making the latest blockbuster movie out there, so we understand budget cuts and bottom lines and will always try and find a solution to fit your budget.

Some shoots are complex and require a fair amount of pre production, some are not…We can help guide you through locations, scriptwriting, computer graphics, editing, autocues, subtitling, animation….the list goes on for some shoots, for others it’s dead simple…. Give us a call or send us an email to talk your project through.

Why use us for video and stills?

Cohesion, a synergy between your stills and video that you can only really get by using one crew. Because we can shoot video up to 4K and high def stills on the same shoot using the same lighting, your marketing collateral looks the same. It’s lower impact as there is only one crew onsite and it’s more cost effective.

Why use us for corporate stills?

What sets us apart from the other army of photographers out there..I hope that it’s our ability to set people at ease.

Sometimes we get under 10 mins to meet someone, photograph them and say farewell….10 minutes….We need to get that person to relax in front of lights, a camera and two people they have never met before…Quite an art…We chat, talk holidays, knitting, Nicky’s love of Vegas…….Matt’s shirts….whatever it takes…..We ‘re not going to capture the happiest picture ever of our subjects, because that image is of them sitting by a pool with a Martini and friends….We don’t want that shot anyway, we want to capture a approachable, confident shot of each subject to represent your business.

Why not use a big production company for our video?

When you commission me, you get me. Not a freelance camera operator that’s on the roster that day. You get me all the way through production. I’ll work right through from initial scriptwriting and pre production to overseeing the subtiling of your finished movie and everything between. If your looking at making the next John Lewis Christmas advert, then you need to look else ware…We make business videos using the creativity that we’ve learned over the years shooting stills. Years of chatting to people to set them at there ease, years of wanting things to look great…..

At the end of the day I want to push each job up a level, so that this shoot is better than the last…