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  1. Creative and Cost-Effective Corporate Portrait Photography

    corporate portrait photographer, London corporate portraits, London corporate images, London business photographer, creative images, creative photography, capturing emotion, photography with emotion, photographs with feeling, natural images, natural portraits, natural corporate portraits, business image photographer, south east corporate portrait photographer“I photography people… business people and people for advertising.” That’s always the response Matt gives when asked about his London based commercial photography business.

    Matt’s natural approach and ease of manner make him the perfect choice for clients looking for a London corporate portrait photographer to shoot their board or management team in a natural way. Professional models make their living by looking natural in front of a camera, but when it comes to photographing ‘real’ people, keeping it natural can be very difficult, and capturing emotion and personality even harder.

    Boardroom photography and business portraits are just as important to a business as the shots used for glossy ad campaigns. Corporate portraits are the soul of a company and Matt’s ability to capture emotion and personality through the lens guarantees creative and natural images every time.

    “Don’t rush.” Matt says. “Have a chat and maybe a quick cuppa with your subject if time allows. Show an interest and find out a little about the person you’re about to photograph because the more at ease they feel, the easier it will be to get a relaxed and natural image”.

    Good corporate portraits form the backbone of a company’s image library and can be used again and again across countless pieces of marketing collateral, thus removing the need to repeatedly pay for expensive (and often very unnatural looking) library images that are charged for on a per use basis. Using images of your own team is also far preferable to a nameless model who could easily pop up in a brochure produced by your competitors. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly low initial cost of a library image. If you then decide to use that image on several pieces of collateral, you could end up paying far more than the day rate of a corporate photographer who could produce multiple images that can be used repeatedly, and all for the same price.

    Watch now: Free Essays Online
  2. Lights, camera, action! Considerations when producing a corporate video.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 09.43.26Being tasked to produce a corporate video for the first time can be daunting. And even if you have experience, there’s still an awful lot to think about beforehand. Time is money in the world of corporate videography so the more prepared you can be, the more likely you are to keep to your budget. Turning up on the day and hoping that your HR Director can ad lib convincingly is definitely not the way to go!

    At Matt Wain Photography, we’re experienced in commercial video production, and very aware of the pitfalls that inexperience can lead to. That’s why, whenever we are in initial discussions about producing a creative and targetted corporate video, we offer clients our video production check list to help with their preparation.

    This checklist starts with Pre Production where the shoot objectives, storyline, audience and controlling idea are all thrashed out. Nailing down the budget, deciding if you want to include Case Studies or a Partner are all key decisions to make at this stage.

    Once you’ve finalised the outline of the project, you can move onto logistics. How long do you need? Will the shoot be weather dependent? Is there access at the chosen location and do you need permission to be there? If you don’t get the logistics right, the whole project could come to a grinding halt – and you could end up looking a bit daft.

    Including interviews in your corporate video can be very reinforcing, but come with a host of additional considerations. For example, does the interviewee speak fluent English? Do they have time constraints? Even the most experienced speaker can be intimidated by lights and a camera so perhaps an auto cue would be a good idea? It’s vital to ensure the script is finalised ahead of the shoot day as making changes on the day can take time… and therefore cost money.

    I could go on and on with tips and considerations about the Pre-Production process but I think you get the idea!

    Of course, when the day of shooting finally arrives, be prepared to be present to review footage, make decisions and liaise with stakeholders.

    During the Post-Production editing phase decisions about graphics, logos, effects, music etc are equally important and should be well considered and not rushed.

    At Matt Wain Photography, we will go the extra mile to ensure that the end result is the slick, professional and targeted corporate video you envisaged in your initial brief.

    Do get in touch to discuss any projects you might have.

  3. Hard-hitting images win prestigious photography award

    Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.24.16

    Image courtesy of John Moore, winner of the 2015 L’Iris d’Or Sony World Photography Awards’ Photographer of the year.

    American photographer, John Moore, is this year’s deserving winner of the world’s largest and, in our opinion, most prestigious photography competition, the L’Iris d’Or Sony World Photography Awards’ Photographer of the Year.

    Moore’s hard-hitting series of images titled “Ebola Crisis Overwhelms Liberian Capital” shine a terrifying spotlight onto a deadly disease that has killed thousands, destroyed families and torn communities apart.

    The judges said of the work: “John Moore’s photographs of this crisis show in full the brutality of people’s daily lives torn apart by this invisible enemy. However, it is his spirit in the face of such horror that garners praise. His images are intimate and respectful, moving us with their bravery and journalistic integrity. It is a fine and difficult line between images that exploit such a situation, and those that convey the same with heart, compassion and understanding, which this photographer has achieved with unerring skill. Combine this with an eye for powerful composition and cogent visual narrative, and good documentary photography becomes great.”  

    We couldn’t agree more and offer our warmest congratulations to an extremely talented (and very brave) photographer.

    An exhibition displaying the winning and shortlisted entries from all categories opens at Somerset House in London today and also includes an intimate display by legendary photographer, and the awards’ Outstanding Contribution to Photography recipient, Elliott Erwitt. Visit the Somerset House website to book tickets.

  4. The importance of corporate portrait photography

    Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 18.33.00Corporate portrait photography is quite literally “the face” of a business. Appearing on corporate websites, within annual reports and across countless pieces of marketing collateral makes it vital that a business commissions the services of a professional and experienced corporate portrait photographer. Creative and professionally shot corporate portraits can mean the difference between your website looking slick and professional… or looking like John from HR had a few spare minutes to snap the company directors…

    London photographers are like many other professions casino online in that they often choose to specialise. Matt Wain, experienced and award-winning London business photographer, chose corporate photography as his speciality.

    He has extensive experience and talent for shooting creative and stylish corporate portraits, annual report photography, head and shoulder shots, London corporate location photography and natural boardroom photography (also known as reportage photography).

    Matt”s talent to capture emotion and personality through the lens guarantees creative business portrait photography every time, and has secured his enviable reputation as a leading London corporate photographer.

    Visit the Matt Wain contact page to get in touch with a London corporate photographer who could change the face of your business.

  5. Canvassing for votes: Artists urge action in election

    Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 15.08.40

    Vote by Jeremy Deller, The Vote Art Initiative

    You can”t turn on the TV at the moment without being bombarded with speak of the upcoming general election, and although many people will exercise their right to switch channels, many don”t take up their democratic right to vote.

    I was pleased to read on the BBC Arts online page online casino that a group of artists are hoping to inspire people into voting (particularly young folks), by running the Vote Art initiative. Five artists have each created new pieces on the Vote theme which will be exhibited on billboards across England, printed on 10,000 postcards, and publicised by the all powerful social media.

    As part of their campaign, inspiring artists have been encouraged to enter a competition to produce a further artwork that will be exhibited alongside the original pieces. Although entry for the competition has now closed, you can visit the website to view the competition entries. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.


  6. Capturing Emotion in Photography

    capturing emotion, emotion in photography, emotive portraits, portrait photography, creative people photography, photography corporate, corporate people shots, corporate portraits, corporate images, images with movement, photography capturing emotion, UK based photography, London corporate photographer, London video photographer, London videographer

    Photography by Harish Chavda, courtesy of the British Journal of Photography

    Winner of this year’s general category in the HIPA Photography Awards in Dubai is a stunning example of the art of capturing emotion in photography.

    The moment when Dwain Chambers, British sprinter, won the right to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games was shot by British photographer Harish Chavda and perfectly captures the full force of emotion experienced by Chambers at that precise moment. It came after a turbulent time in the career of the sprinter after his ban for competing in the Olympic Games was later overturned. You can read the full article in the British Journal of Photography.

    Capturing emotion is an art and this guy’s got it spot on.

  7. Congratulations to Art of Building Photography Competition Winner

    award-winning photography, award-winning photographer, competition winners, digital photography competition, digital photographer, commercial photography, commercial photographer, construction photographer, location photographer, location photography, south-east photographer, award-winning images, judging panel, photography competition, professional photographer

    “Inception” by Patrick Mouzawak

    Our warmest congratulations go to Patrick Mouzawak who was today announced winner of the 2014 Art of Building Photography competition with his image titled “Inception”.

    If you read our blog from 9th December you”ll know that this digital photography competition is held annually by the Chartered Institute of Building and award-winning photographer, Matt Wain, was on the panel of judges. The panel are responsible for selecting 15 finalists with the overall winner then chosen by public vote.

    Mouzawak is a young photographer from Lebanon and his image received 44% per cent of the overall public vote. Speaking about his achievement he said, “I am thrilled that ‘Inception’ has received the public support to be voted as the winner for 2014. This online casino honor will continue to fuel my motivation to create art through my photography. My photographs often feature the human condition housed within an urban environment. The interrelationships between what can feel to be a stark, geometry of concrete next to an organically, curvy human being is quite fascinating. The perspective and depth in this particular image is so unique, but it would have a totally different value if it lacked her presence.”

    Now in its fifth year, the Art of Building contest aims to encourage people from around the world to capture the built environment in a way not seen before, to inspire others and to challenge people’s perceptions.

    As well as earning the prestigious title of ‘Art of Building Photographer of the Year’, Mouzawak’s image has also earned him the £3,000 cash prize.


  8. Be creative with your corporate portrait photography

    London corporate portraits, corporate portrait photographer, London business photographer, casual business images, casual business portraits, relaxed business portraits, end to end service, production services, London business photography, south east corporate portraits, business portraits, portrait photography LondonCorporate photography doesn’t have to be boring. It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that a business is represented positively by their presence online and using creative corporate photography on your website can go a long way to ensuring your business is noticed in a positive light.

    Consistency of style reflects well on a company by implying that thought and consideration has been given to the process. Websites full of mis-matched images cobbled together from other projects just look messy and unprofessional – not the first impression you want to give a potential new customer.

    Your website will be judged alongside your competitors with just the click of a mouse, and in order to make them want to delve deeper than just your home page, it needs to stand out from the crowd.

    When commissioning corporate photography, consider the style of shot required to ensure the end result fits with your businesses character and the image you wish to portray. The natural corporate portrait seen here offers a friendlier view of a business than the posed and formal portraits of the past.

    A short meeting with a corporate portrait photographer before the shoot date will ensure the brief is discussed in detail and that any specific requirements or constraints are agreed. It also gives a professional creative photographer an opportunity to offer suggestions for backgrounds, lighting and post-production techniques that may enhance the creative process and ensure that the natural business portraits taken are an asset to your website; and that the website is an asset to your business.


  9. The pen will always be mightier than the sword

    charlie-hebdoAs events continue to unfold in and around Paris, the true horror of what happened at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday is starting to sink in.

    The realisation that talented artists were murdered in cold blood simply for drawing humourous cartoons is quite unimaginable. In the West especially, our right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression is paramount to our beliefs and our way of life. These freedoms are the building blocks of our society with every sane man, woman and child growing up to believe in them.

    While we all comment on society and events that happen in the world, there will always be those who do not Prior to his work at the boarding schools level, Jake worked in central office overseeing an athletics reform steering committee and led central office restructuring which resulted in savings of $11. support or agree with our opinions. Whether it”s a cartoonist”s take on an event, a photo-journalist”s images in a magazine, or simply a debate in the pub, each and every one of us has a funadmanetal right to express ourselves freely and without fear of violence.

    Thankfully we live in an extremely strong society and I am in no doubt that these barbaric acts will not stem the flow of our opinions. The terrorists will never win because we won”t let them. We are too strong, too many, and our belief in freedom is far stronger than any supposed religious beliefs they claim to have.

    We will continue to take photographs, sketch cartoons, write newspaper columns and debate in the pub. We will not be intimidated.


  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Matt Wain Photography



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