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  1. A picture speaks a thousand words…

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    Photograph courtesy of Google
    Article extracts courtesy of BBC News Technology online

    I’m always fascinated to read about advances in modern technology, and take a particular interest when it involves photography and images.

    BBC News Technology online reported this week that: “Scientists at Google have created artificial intelligence software that can describe the contents of photographs far more accurately than ever before.”

    The software was developed by four scientists and can accurately describe the contents of an image in a way that a human would describe it. This photograph, for example, was translated by the software as: “A group of young people playing a game of frisbee”.

    Google say that they hope the software will make online image searches far easier and it may also be used to help visually impaired and blind people develop a better understanding of photographs.

    You can read the whole BBC article here and if you’re interested in the science behind it, read the Google Research Blog.


  2. IPA Photographer of the Year

    professional portrait photographer, award winning photographer, IPA photographer of the year, London professional photographer, London corporate photographer, photographing people, advertising photographer, advertising photography, London advertising photographer, London advertising photography, professional advertising photographer, creative ads, creative photography, creative advertising photography, creative portraits, creative images

    IPA Photographer of the Year 2014

    Many congratulations to Sandro who was voted IPA Photographer of the Year 2014 this week. The prestigious International Photography Awards (IPA) are held annually with a mission to salute the achievements of the world’s finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent, and to promote the appreciation of photography.

    With numerous award-winning campaigns to hisvcp-510 exam credit, Sandro is one of today’s foremost photographers. He has photographed many national advertising campaigns for a long list of prestigious clients, as well as contributing his talents to both community based and national charitable organisations.

    His entry for the Professional Book category titled ‘Eyes of Morocco’ was, Sandro says “inspired by the works of August Sanders and Irving Penn, amateur photographers who hit the streets in search of the workman, the labourer and the baker – the men and women who worked hard to support their familiesVCP-510 and brought them into the studio where they told their stories”.

    To read the full article and view all of the winning galleries, click on the link above.


  3. When a picture becomes a portrait

    Portrait photographer, portrait photography, London portrait photography, London portrait photographer, corporate portrait, natural images, natural portraits, capturing emotion, pictures with feeling, real photos, real images, natural images, natural portraits, natural corporate portraits, natural images of people, shooting natural images, boardroom photographer, reportage photographer, reportage photography, corporate photography, natural boardroom style photography, casual business portrait, professional portraits, professional corporate portraits

    Boris Johnson by Nadav Kander

    Nadav Kander was recently commissioned by the Telegraph Magazine to photograph Boris Johnson for their cover.

    Kander is an acclaimed and award-winning photographer whose collections are shown worldwide, including the National Portrait Gallery.

    The article detailed, in layman’s terms, the effort and preparation that goes into shootingCompTIA sy0-301 exam dumps a portrait. Kander explained that he studied multiple images of Boris beforehand “to familiarise himself with the subtle nuances of his face and body”; had meetings with the Telegraph Magazine to discuss concepts; and spent at least three hours preparing the lighting for the shoot on the day.

    Of course, the one element above all others that is needed to turn a picture into a portrait is talent, and Kander has plenty of it. Boris is a much photographed person and Kander’s desire to ensure he doesn’t repeat the way a person has been photographed previously is not easy.

    This is the final photograph used for the front cover and I think it works beautifully. You can see the Boris we all know (love him or loathe him) with a halo of his trademark messy blond hair. But this portraitSY0-301 certification goes so much further, revealing far more than the one-dimensional character we usually see and offering hints to the personality behind the public image. It’s creative portrait photography at its best.

    You can look at more images from the shoot and read the whole article here.


  4. Be prepared…

    commercial video, corporate video shoot, video photography, videographer, corporate video production, corporate video London, corporate video South East, corporate video South, commercial photographer, commercial videographer, London commercial video production, London video productionMy daughter’s a Scout and when her troop leaders asked if any parents would like to go along and share any expertise they may have, I thought I’d have a go; so last Friday I headed off to teach a bunch of Scouts how to make a professional video.

    I started the session by chatting to the group about all the things you have to take into consideration before you start filming – backgrounds, lighting, sound etc. Then I showed them some TV ads and we talked about coming up with ideas and the need for detailed planning and preparation before the shoot can even start. Having imparted my great wisdom(!), I split the troop into several groups, armed each with a video camera and set them the challenge of creating theirvcp-510 exam dumps own very own ad.

    I’d like to say that each group, having digested my talk about planning and preparation, spent time brainstorming ideas and planning the production. I’d like to say that – I really would… but of course, we’re talking about a bunch of 11 to 16 year olds and consequently the planning phase of the process was over in a nano-second! They had professional video cameras to play with and weren’t going to waste a second with boring old planning!

    Despite the prep phase being given little consideration – and despite countless takes being halted mid way because they’d forgotten to press the play button – they actually got some pretty goodCisco 400-101 results. One group produced an ad for a time machine and another an anti-drugs campaign. The third group had decided to produce an ad for the very video camera they were shooting with, but saw the error of their ways when they realised they couldn’t actually film it because they only had one camera!

    They may not have been as prepared as the Scout motto requires, but we had a fun evening and hopefully they learnt a little something about the working life of a videographer.





  5. I’m glad I’m not a pap!

    board photography, boardroom photography, boardroom photographer, business photographer, business photography, London business photographer, London corporate photography, London corporate photographer, head and shoulder shots, reportage photography, natural people images, keeping it natural, natural business portrait, south east corporate portraits, natural corporate photographer, creative people photography, creative portraits London, creative portraits, people with movement, people photography with feeling, capturing emotion in photographyPhotographers have been in the news this week but unfortunately the light being shone is not a positive one. It’s been reported that lawyers for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked photographers to “cease harassing” Prince George after a particular member of the paparazzi was felt to be taking too much of an interest in the young Prince (an allegation that he denies).

    The battle ground between public figures and paparazzi photographers has always been a bloody one, leaving countless altercations and law suits in its wake.

    I know the response from any paparazzi photographer will always be that they are “just doing their job” and that the photographs they take are “in the public400-101 interest” – but boy am I glad I’m not in that line of work! You need a pretty thick skin to make a living by having to constantly be where you’re not wanted, and reviled by most of the people you photograph.

    Happily for me, I’m actually invited to take photographs of people!

    I specialise in capturing creative and natural portraits of people – whether it’s a head and shoulders casual corporate portrait, boardroom reportage image, or advertising lifestyle photography, the challenge is always there to capture emotion and produce natural portrait photography that I’m proud of.

    Just like the paps, I photograph people – but my subjects are businessCisco 400-101 exam people and people for advertising. Unlike the paps, my subjects are happy and willing to be photographed so I don’t have to spend my time skulking behind a bush to get a good shot.

    Visit my portfolio for more examples of creative portrait photography… without the skulking.


  6. Consistent and creative corporate photography

    corporate photographer, corporate photographer London, corporate portrait photographer, corporate head shots, corporate portraits, corporate photography London, creative portraits, creative corporate portraits, London business photographer, London commercial photographer, London corporate photographercorporate photographer, corporate photographer London, corporate portrait photographer, corporate head shots, corporate portraits, corporate photography London, creative portraits, creative corporate portraits, London business photographer, London commercial photographer, London corporate photographerIt is becoming increasingly important to ensure that a business is represented positively by its online presence.

    Potential customers can view countless websites with just the click of a mouse, and the judgement they make when they click onto a home page can be split second. To hold the interest of a viewer and make them want to find out more, a website needs to stand out from the crowd.

    Using creative corporate photography on a website can go a long way to ensuring a business is noticed in a positive light. Consistency of style reflects well on a company as it implies that thought and consideration has been given to the process. Websites full of mis-matched imagesMicrosoft 70-410 exam cobbled together from other projects just look messy and unprofessional – not a thought that you want a potential customer to draw upon.

    When commissioning corporate photography, consider the style of shot requiredvmware vcp-510 exam to ensure the end result fits with the businesses character and the image it wishes to portray. The natural corporate portraits seen here offer a friendlier view of a business than the posed and formal portraits of old.

    A short meeting with a corporate portrait photographer before the shoot date will ensure the brief is discussed in detail and that any specific requirements or constraints are agreed. It also gives a professional creative photographer an opportunity to offer suggestions for backgrounds, lighting and post-production techniques that may enhance the creative process and ensure that the natural business portraits taken are an asset to the website; and that the website is an asset to the business.


  7. London business photographer heads back to work…

    Matt Wain, Matt Wain Photography, London corporate photographer, London professional photographer, corporate photography, corporate portrait photography, advertising photography, London advertising photography, creative advertising photography, creative London advertising photographer, head and shoulder shots, reportage, boardroom photography, London location photographer, London location photography, production services, post production servicesI have to say, it’s been a pretty good summer. July and August are traditionally a quieter time at Matt Wain Photography so I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with my kids, catch up with friends and enjoy a couple of weeks camping in the south of France. Vitamin D boosted, batteries re-charged and tent packed away, this week saw me head straight into a busy autumn filled with corporate video shoots, location advertising photography and corporate portrait photography.

    I’m kicking off the season with a product launch video for a long-standing client. A two day video shoot in a UK cinema, teaser ads for the main video and a location photography shoot in Amsterdam where the product will be launched to senior execs in the cinema industry. Think 3D as you’ve never seen it before, with avid cinema goers queuing round the block to get a peep. All exciting stuff.

    Traffic to the new Matt Wain Photography website continues to be strong with lots of London corporate photography enquiries and a healthy schedule of confirmed shoot dates. Next month, a large London advertising shoot promises to keep production services busy scouting locations, casting models and sourcing props.

    Keep an eye out for future blogs to see the results of my labours.



  8. Creative brand building images

    industrial photography, industrial photography on location, commercial photography, commercial photographer, creative images, creative images on location, London location photography, location photographer, creative location photography, commercial location photography, people photography on location, shooting people and places, creative portraitsindustrial photography, industrial photography on location, commercial photography, commercial photographer, creative images, creative images on location, London location photography, location photographer, creative location photography, commercial location photography, people photography on location, shooting people and places, creative portraitsindustrial photography, industrial photography on location, commercial photography, commercial photographer, creative images, creative images on location, London location photography, location photographer, creative location photography, commercial location photography, people photography on location, shooting people and places, creative portraits







    Every business wishes to portray themselves to the best advantage. For some, shouting about their latest acquisition of cutting edge technology is the way to go. But this client wished to build their brand image by emphasising their offering of bespoke craftsmanship coupled with old-fashioned service.

    Having dusted off and rejected their existing photography, they realised that a library of creative images could go a long way to displaying their wares in a positive light. Industrial location photography comes with its challenges but a day spent at the factory produced a series of unstaged, creative industrial images that could be used on the company’s website, in corporate brochures and across countless pieces of marketing collateral.

    Matt Wain is a professional commercial location photographer based in London.  Visit the website to view his portfolio, or get in touch to discuss an upcoming project.




  9. People photography that captures emotion – don’t just jump in!

    capturing emotion, photography with emotion, creative photographer, creative photography, editing images, emotive images, emotive photography, photography with emotion, convey emotion, capturing emotion, candid photos, candid images, creative services, creative photography London, creative photography South East, unstagedProfessional models make their living by looking natural in front of a camera, but when it comes to photographing ‘real’ people, keeping it natural can be very difficult, and capturing emotion even harder.

    I’ve always enjoyed meeting people. I find other people and their lives interesting and I think that trait has stood me in good stead as a professional people photographer. Arriving at a location and assuming that the person you’re shooting will instantly feel at ease in front of the camera is never a good strategy, and is unlikely to produce creative images.

    My advice: Don’t rush. Have a chat and maybe a quick cuppa with your subject. Show an interest and find out a little about the person you’re about to photograph. I’m not suggesting you hear their life history, but showing an interest is one of the quickest ways to put someone at ease.

    I try to follow my own advice whether I’m shooting professional corporate portraits, natural business images or even a large creative advertising shoot involving many models. Of course, time is money and it’s not always possible to spend time getting to know people when there’s a tight schedule, but a few minutes invested at the start of a shoot can make a world of difference and ensure you get the creative images required.

    Occasionally, of course, you do come across someone who loves being in front of the camera and doesn’t need any help being put at ease…. and here he is! I met this chap while photographing the postal workers at TNT. He was a real character, a natural model, and made my life as a creative photographer very easy. Thanks Henry.


  10. Financial services corporate portraits from a distance

    corporate portrait photographer, corporate portrait photography, London portrait photographer, London business photographer, London corporate business photographer, images that capture emotion and personality, creative corporate portraits, creative images, creative business images, post production facilities, natural business images, natural business photography, reportage, boardroom photography, reportage photographer, south east corporate portraits, financial services sector, photography financial services, portraits financial services, corporate portrait financial servicesI do quite a bit of corporate portrait photography for financial services companies but this was my first job for Euroclear. The Art Director had come across my website, liked my style of casual business portrait photography, and commissioned me to shoot relaxed business images of members of their senior management team.

    The slightly unusual aspect to this job was that I never met the Art Director. He was based at their HQ in Brussels so although the brief for head and shoulder shots was discussed in detail beforehand, we never met face to face and he wasn’t present at the shoot.

    Some might consider this a leap of faith on his behalf, but he could see from the corporate portrait portfolio on my website that I have a very distinct and natural style; and that was exactly the look he wanted.

    Business head and shoulder images don’t have to be boring, although creative corporate portraits are usually only taken by creative people photographers. Ask Andy from Accounts to photograph the senior management team using his latest digital toy and although you may save a bit of money, the results are far more likely to look posed, stilted and… sorry Andy…. boring.

    This shoot proves that the location of the corporate portrait photographer you commission is far less relevant in today’s international business world. The key is to commission a business photographer who shoots in the style you want, does it professionally, on time, and on budget.


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